Painting by Kathy Marshall

Website: Steven Brixner Design

List of Paintings

2 Turnips Green Ground

2½ Figs

231 bis rue Lafayette

3 Turnips

Amsterdam - red chair

Amsterdam - Red Chair

Ann's Bed

Apple and Onion


Arabella’s Bed - twisted drape

Arabella's Bed

Balthus Girl Reading

Beach Club

Beach Club

Black Dress - green arch

Black Dress - red drape

Bracheted Pears

Brass Pot with Egg

Breakfast Milan

Brittany Trailer Park Hedge

Café Florian #1

Calla Lillies - checkered chair

Cherche Midi Garden

Cherche Midi Red Chair - green pillow

Dancing - orange dress

Dancing Girl - red dress

Dancing Turnips



Four Turnips


Garden Cherche Midi

Girl Climbing into Niche

Girl Climbing into Niche - Left Arm Up

Girl Climbing into Niche - Left Arm Up

Girl Lifting Skirt

Girl Lifting Skirt #1

Girl with Towel - Blue Doors

Girl with Towel - Rose Doors

Girl with Ultra Marine Dress - Lifting

Girl-Black Dress - niche - sky


Gorging 1

Green Bowls with Coffee - Redwood Hollow - LJ

Green Wicker Chair - orange drape

Hallway to Arabella's Room - Amsterdam #225

Identification - one drape

Interior Balboa Park - San Diego

Interior, 15 rue du Cherche-Midi. View of garden through closed doors, green chair.

Interior, 15 rue du Cherche-Midi. View of garden through open door, white chair.

Kitchen, Rue de la Croix

La Jolla Sun Porch - red chair

La Manutention

La Mirande, Chair

La Mirande, Mantle

Lumani Garden

Lumani, Blue Chair

Lumani, Red Chair

Madonna with 5 Eggs

Main Stairs - Cherche Midi


Milan Breakfast Arabella - back


Nude - Paris

Olpha Exiting

One Striped Chair - Cherche Midi

One Striped Chair - Cherche Midi

Outstretched Arms

Oxford Living Room

Painting Studio - Brittany

Palazzo Marigliano - Naples - bedroom chair - drape

Palazzo Marigliano - Naples - vase with mimosa

Parisian Hallway


Point Loma Street

Prospect Girl - Redwood Hollow

Puerto Penasco

Reading - Garden - Cherche Midi

Red and White Drapes

Red Chair - Amsterdam #3

Red Chair - Basket - Amsterdam

Red Chair - pumpkins

Red Chair Bamboo - Redwood Hollow - LJ

Red Dress - blue leg

Red Dress - empty bowl

Red Dress - Girl Climbing into Niche

Red Dress - seated

Red Dress Twisted Backwards

Red Leather Chair - Amsterdam

Red Wicker Chair - Lumani

Rome Chair

Sad Lady

Seated Male - Female Reading



Three Conference Pears

Three Pears Bracketed by Candlestick and Clock - Paris

Two Chairs - La Mirande - Avignon

Two Lichees and White Eggplant

Two Striped Chairs - Cherche Midi

Two Striped Chairs - Cherche Midi

Two Striped Chairs Together - Cherche Midi

Two Yellow Pears

Upstairs - Cherche Midi

Vase La Jolla

Versailles - hedge

View of Cherche Midi Garden Through Closed Doors - green chair

Villa Medici - frontal

Villa Medici - Terrace

Villa Medici Corner Window


Waiting #1

White Chair - 2 rugs - 1 door open

White Chair on Right

White Chair, black and white carpet, both doors open, Cherche Midi

White Dress - arms up - orange niche

White Dress - boxes

White Eggplant and Two Lichis

White Eggplant, Two Lichis

Wine Colored Dress - standing - profile

Woman White Drapes Profile

Women's Movement

Yellow Chair - Cherche Midi